‘aqr’ addresses the challenges of innovation, change, and uncertainty for associations, member-based organizations, their members, and for individuals. 

The goal is to make innovation, change, and uncertainty welcomed and as comfortable to you as a favorite pair of “old shoes”. 

Organizations looking to influence their future, and better serve their members, will learn new ways to think about your organization, how you serve your users, and practical tools and processes for everyday business challenges. 

These strategic tools are delivered via presentations, research reports, workshops, and coaching/advising. Whatever the delivery method, you are guaranteed a combination of educational information, practical strategies, tutorials, motivational tips, and new ideas. 

Together, we work towards "change designed for people". 
It seems contradictory, but I like working with member-based organizations and their members, or individuals. 

Working with member-based orgs (associations, Chambers, cooperatives, etc.) provides me with two huge benefits:

a) A partner with a shared goal – assisting and improving their members’ operations or the value added by the parent org to their members. This is a great, strong starting point.
b) A means to spread my ideas to a wider audience. Working with an association, I am reaching their membership, spreading the ideas I believe in farther and wider than working with individual companies. 

No change happens in any organization or system without it first happening with the individual. Coaching and supporting people through change is something I am grateful for the opportunity to do and it is the seed for organizational change.

Please note:
I am not industry specific or exclusive – that works against my ideas of innovation. 

Industries that definitely have my curiosity at the moment: construction, retail, hospitality, transportation, education and start-ups.

I work on a maximum of 3 projects – in any stage – at one time; ideally fewer.

Strategist & Facilitator

With a science degree in psychology, an artist’s optimism for what's possible and a ten year entrepreneurial streak – the redesigned  ‘aqr’ blends my love of science, creativity, business, and people into a personal platform to work with others to deliver "changed designed for people".

I have worked in the, very disrupted, music industry for 10 years launching three music ventures: a crowd/career funding service for musicians, indie label, and rehearsal studio. In that span I also consulted on social media and owned media strategies. I was one of four co-founders of a co-working space that was part of the Impact Hub network.

From those experiences I guarantee an unorthodox, rock'n'roll take on organizational strategy.

New ideas and opportunities excite me, but there is a flip-side to that. Change is hard. Look at any list of the top most stressful life events, and I will have checked off at least half in the past few years. Unfortunately, that doesn't make me special, more the norm these days. 

So, after dealing with almost every personal change one could, in addition to an ongoing cycle of business successes and failures added to the mix, I know how hard it can be to manage the present and plan for the future simultaneously; from both an organization and personal standpoint. 

Yet, my survival rate remains a solid 100%. As does yours. In the process, I have collected the means to accept, address, and benefit from all that I.C.U. challenges bring; to see the opportunities they present.
I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you.

Some quick personal details:
Proud papa, lucky husband, music fanatic, guitar player, writer